How to Find a Good Auto Repair Shop?

When you are going to have car trouble, you will be running to your auto repair shop for help. For people who own a car, it is your responsibility to also maintain and have it check to prevent future inconvenience. But when car trouble strikes, you need someone reliable to fix it. So, in order to hire the best auto shop in Patchogue, you might need the tips below. 

  1. Find a shop that specialist for the brand of your car. Many auto repair shops specialize certain brands of car. Those who are focus on specific brands are likely to have the skills and training to fix your vehicle. There is also a good chance that the tools and equipment they will use is for the specific brand of car you have. It might be best to hire someone with the right skill and equipment to use. This can guarantee that your car is in good hands.
  2. Ask for referrals from family and friends. The people around you may know some certainauto repair in Patchoguejust near your place. A word of mouth can also mean that you will honest feedback regarding the auto shop you are potentially going to hire. It can help you those unreliable and expensive shops that deliver poor service.  
  3. Search also the internet. For you to get to know the shop better, you can also search the internet their website. You will learn more about them and may also read other client’s feedback regarding their service. You can gain insight into how they work and how they deal with their clients.
  4. Make sure they have a license and certificate to operate in this industry. The auto repair mechanic should have a certificate from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The technicians must have the skills and training to do the work. This means that your car is with reliable people who are good in the field they are working.
  5. Ask if they offer a warranty. Do the shop offers a guarantee on their work? Warranty varies from shop to shop. So, it might be best to ask them ahead of time before you decide to send your car to them. In case there are back jobs, you don’t need to worry about re-fixing their job without paying even a single penny.
  6. Don’t hire because of the price. It is true that most people consider price as a factor when it comes to choosing a shop for their cars. But do not opt for the cheapest because most of the time, low price means poor service. Instead of having a well-performing car, you may end up repairing it again.
  7. Give a onetime try out. Before you hire them for big repairs, you might want to try a small repair as a tryout on how things will work out. You can hire them for maintenance such asbrake checkup. Small repairs may include filter change or change the oil.
  8. Convenience should also be considered. It might be best to hire local shop that is near you. If there is a problem on time that you less expect it, you won’t find it hard to transport your car and drop it off on their shop.
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Asphalt Roof Maintenance

Asphalt Shingle is one of the most durable roofing shingles because of its high quality materials and architectural elements which makes it more durable and longer the life span of the roof. But even Asphalt Shingle is durable, it also need some care and good maintenance. Mostly, directly sunlight, strong wind, debris and heavy rain are one of the major causes that can damage the Asphalt Shingles. So, by a proper maintenance, installation technique and inspection, your asphalt roof will last longer than you think.

Need of Maintenance

Our roof is the one who is responsible for protecting our house and especially its occupants from some dangerous elements outside. As a consequence, our roofs are the one who suffered from outside’s substantial catastrophes. That’s why, in return, we need to take care of our roofs, and we need to execute some actions by maintaining and inspecting it from time to time. You can always buy some new roofs and replace the old ones but it will cost you a lot more money.

Inspecting your Roofing Shingles

Every home owner should ensure a professional regular inspection and execute a proper maintenance, which is necessary to a roof to keep it in healthy condition can protect the home, even if there is no sign of damages.  Maintaining our roofs can save a lot of money, you can avoid purchasing some other expensive materials for the roof if you’re aware of some small damage of the roof in the first place.

Asphalt Shingles Roof are one the most visible part of a roof and vulnerable from such damages. That’s why it is very important to inspect our roofs from time to time, check if there’s leaking or standing water which can damage your shingles.

Here are 6 important steps in maintaining healthy shingle roofing:

1.) Clean the moss, algae and debris from your roof. Roofs are designed to channel the water away from your home, and debris such as dried leaves, twigs, trashmakes its task more difficult.

Asphalt Roof Maintenance

2.) Inspect if there are some damages, corrosions, or holes that may need repair or replacement on your roof.

3.) Damaged shingles can be happen anytime due to some catastrophes that cannot be avoided like storms, hail storms (especially if it is more receptive to hail damage with age),wind damage which can commonly damage the shingles, tree branches and other debris . Usually, a little roofing cement may be all that’s needed to repair a loose shingle tab. But If the shingle is really damaged, you should have to replaced it.

4.) Check caulking/sealants around the roof for cracking or other damage. Old, worn sealants should be replaced before water seepage causes problems.

5.) Check your gutters and water spout if there is a debris or blockage. Clear the leaves or twigs which causes the blockage to minimize the debris that may collect on the roof. Water spout and gutter play a critical role in your roof as they serve as the pathway of the water from the roof.

6.) Finally, check the quality of your attic ventilation & insulation. Poor air circulation can lead to molds and structural damage of your roof’s foundation. Roofers will be able to assess whether your roof has enough vents and your insulation levels are sufficient or insufficient.

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Metal Roofing Maintenance

Metal anchorage roofing has become popular these recent years because of its durability, safety, energy efficiency, eco friendliness, and longevity. It is highly durable it can withstand a wind of 140 miles per hour. It is fire resistant avoiding catching sparks or wildfires. Because of its long life span, it is more cost efficient even than asphalt shingles in long term basis. But to take more advantage of its cost effectiveness, we look on factors that affect its condition to even increase it longevity.

Metal Roofing Maintenance

Problems and future damages are often the results of poor workmanship, poor material quality, and even the design such the slope of the roof. Poor workmanship can result into improper installation of the roof or poorly attached flashing which may make parts of the roof easy to blow off. Poor quality of the material itself makes the roof more vulnerable to dents caused by falling debris or other heavy materials which would even cause punctures, tears, and roof leaks.

When it comes to the roof design, the slope actually affects the longevity of the roof. This is because improper slope allows the accumulation of water, snow or ice, which will result into deflection of the deck. Early prevention is always better and although it will be costly, in the long run it will save you money from repairs and replacements.

Aside from preventive measures, you also need to conduct regular inspection and maintenance. Here are the common steps in maintaining your metal roof.

1. Clean the gutters from leaves and debris such as leave, twigs and some other elements that can clog the water spout gutters of your roof.

2. Look for dents where water could accumulate. It could cause rust in your roof.

3. Mix a bleaching powder or dish washing soap into a water, use this solution on cleaning your metal roof.

4. Remove all the rust possible using some rust remover chemicals and rinse it with water. Then, apply a metal primer to protect the roof from future rust. Apply touch-up paint to the metal primer for finishing.

5. You can apply urethane roof cement where a new nail was installed or if there’s a small leaking in your metal roof.

6. But avoid using roof cements or compound materials to fix the leaks of your metal roof if the leak is bigger. Rather, replace the damaged metal panel and install a new one.

7. Prevent trees and bushes from rubbing against your new metal roof. If possible, remove all the trees, twigs, leaves or branches that are covering your roof from above, keep it trimmed and well away from your metal roof, it’s possible that your metal roof could be damaged by these debris.

Metal roofs considered as one of the long lasting roofing material that you can purchase. It can outlast every roofing material that is available in the market. But even though metal roofs are considered as a durable one, there are still many possibilities that can damage your roof from any elements that could damage to your roof, that’s why it is very important to conduct a regular inspection and maintenance in your roof.

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Wood Roofing: Preventing Fungal Attack

We need safety, we need belongingness – we need a shelter, a home. And home is often found in a house. A house is sometimes referred as “roof”. In this, we know how significant the roof is not only physically but also figuratively. Choosing the right roof and maintaining its condition is a must to show how we value our home.

I believe that having wood roofing will give us the best homey feeling more than any other roofing could give. I would even argue that at least once in our life, we wished to be sheltered by it. And so, for those who have it and for those who want to have it, know the best ways to maintain it.

Wood shingles and shakes are best for areas with strong winds and hail. However, among other kinds of roofing, there are drawbacks that require attention and care. Although it is designed for a longer life span for about 40 years to 60 years, lack of maintenance can decrease its life span down to just 10 year.

Wood Roofing

Cracked, warped, and missing wood shingles, which are sometimes caused by improper roof instalment, are common damages that require immediate repairs. However, the most serious problem we can ever encounter in having wood shingles are the fungal attack. This requires more than repair, it requires regular checking and maintenance.

The more you ignore it, the more it will aggravate. Some fungi ruin the color of the wood, some also attacks the properties of wood, which makes it durable, making the wood degrade into disfigured surfaces. So here are the tips on how to deal with this fungal attack to avoid early roof replacement.

1. Clean and Clear Up

  • Clear off debris such as leaf litters
  • Clear off mosses and lichens
  • Clear off overhanging vegetation that shades the roof
  • Clean the roof using cleaning solutions, scrubbing, or even high-pressure washers (be careful in using to prevent erosion of shingles)

The main purpose of this first step is to prevent water or moisture forming or accumulating on the shingles and in between them. Mosses and lichens accumulate soil and other debris in the roof which stores water for a longer of time encouraging fungal growth.

Also, the overhanging vegetation such as tree branches shades the roof which helps retain moisture. Cleaning the roof and clearing off the debris, mosses, and lichens should not be missed before wet seasons begin.

2. Preventive Treatments

  • Wood Preservatives
  • UV Protection
  • DO NOT Stain or Varnish the wood shingles

Wood preservatives are chemical solutions that impedes or delay the growth of moss, lichens, or fungi and are effective on extending your wood roof life span. Some examples are copper naphthenate, zinc naphthenate, MTC and TCMTB, copper and quinolinolate, TBTO, etc. Also ultraviolet rays break down cell wall materials of the wood surfaces degrading the quality of the shingles. Do not stain, varnish, or seal the shingles because the wood requires breathing.

3. Slope

Before even building or designing the roof, the slope of the roof actually significantly increase the life span of the wood shingles. This is because, the more sloped the roof, the less water it’ll accumulate whenever it rains.

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